While more and more business focus on sustainability management the impact of their activities does not reflect in studies monitoring the state of the planet. We call that the big disconnect. 

  • True Business Sustainability proposes a framework to bridge that gap. It provides companies with a method to evaluate their sustainability maturity and proposes a  road-map to move forward to a place where business becomes a true force for good. 

  • True Product Sustainability proposes a shift of focus in the Product Development process; from customer value to planetary value. Ultimately finding value in values and identifying new business opportunities.  

  • Toolbox offers a selection of free tools to help companies and product leaders get serious about upgrading their business sustainability effort. 

A number of companies are using the True Business Sustainability framework to upgrade their sustainability efforts and make a truly positive contribution to society and the planet.



The Business Sustainability Typology (Dyllick & Muff 2016) offers a practical approach to evaluate different levels of integration of sustainability in business. As such, it provides an answer to the difficult question of what business sustainability actually means and how to differentiate between beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in business practice.

The framework classifies companies to different types based on their efforts to move from “business-as-usual” to “true business sustainability”, and thus provides a framework to engage in the transformation of business.  The typology for business sustainability is further explained in the following video.


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