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Find new business opportunities designing products that contribute to solving the planetary problems. 

From product perspective to societal value

Time to put societal value at the core of your product design

Product Sustainability 1.0


From selective improvements to  holistic improvements

Product Sustainability 2.0


From better products to good products

Product Sustainability 3.0


From product value to societal value




Unleash new opportunities with products to solve the worlds problem 

While many companies include sustainability aspects in their product design, this is usually addressed from a business perspective with the goal to reduce product related risks or to leverage the marketing value of sustainability efforts. In light of the planets sustainability challenges True Product Sustainability (TPS) puts forward a framework to help business evaluate their product sustainability and evolve to a level of sustainability where products make a specific contribution to societal problems.

The True Product Sustainability Typology presents three different phases and levels of development: from selective to holistic improvements (Product Sustainability 1.0), from better products to good products (Product Sustainability 2.0), and from private value to public value generation (Product Sustainability 3.0). This evolutione develops towards a model of “true product sustainability”, where the product makes a specific contribution to solving societal problems.

Towards True Product Sustainability





Thomas Dyllick -University St. Gallen

Towards True Product Sustainability





Thomas Dyllick  & Zoe  Rost - Journal of Cleaner Production Vol.162,  2017,

Towards True Product Sustainability




Thomas Dyllick  - University of St Gallen